note from 2018

hi! this is my old personal site. it was generated by my friend's lisp blogware, coleslaw but one day i moved servers in a hurry and just copied the generated site :( i'm not sure where the source files went and so this is basically a snapshot. a more up to date homepage for me is hosted at tilde.town, though this site still acts as a repository for a bunch of poetry and dreams that i never moved over to the town (i should do that).

Vilmibm Shaksfrpease is an entity which is not a meat sack. It authors this blog. In meatspace, Vilmibm plays an avatar legally referred to as Nathaniel Smith. Their identities necessarily overlap.

This blog features poetry (analog cutup, purely original, digital cutup), essays, and dream reports.

If you are looking for my poetry series Cyberpunk Prophecies, it is up almost in its entirety on tumblr.

The entity that operates this blog can be found on several other sites on the web:

I make (mostly harsh) noise music on analog equipment. Various recordings can be found on soundcloud (dreaded object and precious snout).