angel's rest on a crowded day, or, #rudeteens

2015-03-03 22:30:40

all i want is to piss
alone on this mountain away from rude teens
and arguments about hash tags.

i'm not sure how to summarize your day in
run-on witticisms.
like the trees and rocks and
flowers prematurely blooming
i don't love or understand you but
i at least accept you.

suggested hash tags for your day:

hash tag i'll be dead one day
hash tag i hope my body is fodder for flowers one day
hash tag my life is a foil for the steadfast infinity of rocks
hash tag my god is my self and it will die one day too
hash tag when i feel a soreness in my limbs i feel a particular kind of loneliness i can't digitally convey
hash tag i have at least two copies of every friend and i no longer know which copy truly loves me
hash tag great day outdoors

tags: poem, draft, original

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