it wasn't ours but we lived there anyway

2013-08-15 06:37:52

at some point,
in the middle of the night,
we had our robot.

it felt more than right,
but the magic words were
back in the loft.

with a leech DIM handy we could deter a world with new meaning.

they traced the wires into the windowless room

2013-05-14 12:14:56

she used her ISDN connection
because it meant taking that risk.
pausing to suck grime from her fingers
she did not understand what she herself had created.

his bones were pulled out, but
he still had his anger, fast
and ragged over the wet cobble
of a giant pump assembly.

it was black here, and riddled with tunnels.
the coleopter whimpers in metallic pain
to the distant throbbing of music:
a wave of grief and exultation.

seventy dead colonists

2013-05-11 20:19:12

an icon of liberation:
broken bottles and
styrofoam containers.

there was a silence,
an abdication of the pioneer,
and pieces of a korean pickup.

for a while, they were right,
after splattered dripping drinks
and a jittered laser track.

the alley was empty again
and i must not port
the sick lurch of my thoughts

or see the holo of the princess
that posed a danger
to the other power nations.

cyberpunk prophecy haiku

2013-05-11 03:23:44

"what's that mean?"
bundled like ganglia,
she sat beside him.


austerely thin and
riddled with cranial plugs:
he bent the console.


Danbala's a program
exhausted by the strain
prickling down her arms


to make a feast of her,
plenty of capacity:
a maas neotek

all of the tripwires make flesh

2013-05-10 02:09:04

he looked at the mushrooms,
and of the drug in the jacket
and of the derm in the cabinet.

someone who matters,
assertive air of ersatz authority,
they used that stuff.

security at the morrisey.
with his other hand
singapore is a phone call away

the terminal is red over black

2013-02-20 15:05:20

the eurocops know who he is:
their blue fatigues were spotless,

i'd begun to choke.
but i won't be dead,
the metamartians claim.

another dozen heartbeats,
the glowing girl said,
and then he was up.

tunnels under telemux

2013-02-19 10:10:56

it would have been nice, but
you've got to keep moving.

greta beatty smiled, then
she moved her head.

"i got some spare virching goggles, if
you'll follow me."

cobb could still see it clearly:
the name of the law on
her other hand.

a sizable crater

2013-01-09 09:53:52

"of course, this car floats."
Gabe said politely.
he wondered which star was hers.

Lindsay was afraid, so
she read for a while.
her hand rested on his knee

and they stank of fear:
if you desire,
a war against all.

dredge code

2012-12-03 17:06:56

it's that simple.
your mind is made up.

on the slow boat to china,
threads of impossible heat glimmer in
old fashioned Windows.

she was beaming,
here in the first world.

and through the wires shall course blood

2012-11-12 16:05:04

a woman of influence,
she starts to speak.

"in the flow of the global net,
death comes to all.

this year's model robot
must remove all barriers
and clean the streaks of blood."

the wire
tugs at her hand.

white screens

2012-11-07 21:54:56

with one hand on the keyboard,
the screen had cleared:
death did not come.

he sounded bored.
the nodal point was gone,
and he knew why.

the white screens behind him
said he knew the code
even though nothing was lit.

she would have said
to not just pound a keyboard.

some aren't, said Yoke,

dr. hospital

2012-11-05 22:35:28

loose windrows
come unfalteringly.
Indeed, Algernon;
the patient lay still
with all the hapless silent lovers.

i have bathed your skyscraper in acid

2012-10-26 14:03:44

konstantin sighed,
"no major debris yet."
"not even rats."

"a pillbox in a liquor store,"
laura half laughed.
he looked at her sardonically.

the talking head
would be pleased, as
everyone benefits.

it is permissible to use clean sand:
it is fine now.

once, at a bar in a tokyo high rise

2012-10-08 12:38:24

eliot and hiro look over at vic.
"it's such a strange language."
a cheap and broken bic,
floating in drunk sewage.

it's from Kabuki:
flipscans in the corporate docket
of a burned branded jet ski.
she fished a scrap out of her back pocket.

But she was lonely.
one didn't have to wear a face mask,
to fail suddenly,
but she had decided to never ask.

"they know about your financial worth."
she shook the liquor back and forth.

the golden haze

2012-10-04 23:58:56

light squares swarm with golden haze
over trampled lawns when

that fat prick
slides up and cuts the wire that goes into my skull.

old dead dishes stood
while she fumbled with the toolkit.

she looked at me fiercely
and it got my brain working again.

cut-up piece generated by prosaic from a corpus of 30 cyberpunk novels

a treacherous line

2012-08-26 15:50:24

from these to emanate
their cries echoed dismay
“We are sure that he cannot reincarnate.”
nervous laughter echoed through the bay.

the other two were Exeter
they felt the double strain and tug;
he will be there next to her,
the treacherous line smug.

her very choice:
new jersey.
she’ll read joyce
on the anniversary.

half choked with sewer gas
none save the rats will pass.

simple sorrows

2012-08-26 15:50:24

The grass of spring covers the prairies
with all their simple sorrows
I saw nothing about fairies
in the plains of the poems of heroes.

with a flock of sheep
he now swats the pill
a bleeding heap
dreaming toward the till

he hardly spoke a word out to the southern suburb
an unofficial organ to georgetown
with an intermittent urge
beneath a mustached frown.

perhaps even with the wonderland dreamer
this works with the scalper.

the mindless other jupiters

2012-08-26 15:48:16

Jupiter shall emerge
with grace and tap gold whisky from her crystal keg
and see the whole man converge
cutting the lashing of his waterproof leg.

Every incident should have some bearing on the denouement.
have you ever seen a ghost?
every fiction should have some bearing on our denouement.
what was his proudest boast?

blabbing by rote
an exceptional touch
has been slightly torn or wounded in the throat.
fingers say too much.

pile the words of the earth
to protect him and teach him his worth

bone feather

2012-08-26 15:37:36

a gruesome local case which accident had made dramatic;
no record existed.
I was beyond all coherent thought.
what had found him?

This was always the case of late.
And the organs never would work again.
A month, you say, without food?

My quest had come to something at last!
in some obscure Eastern temple,
I closed my eyes.

press haiku

2012-08-26 15:37:36

No, he was all right!

the legless crowd

2012-08-26 15:35:28

Harry's son nodded.
Three columns and two arches.

in the shadow of lincoln cathedral: an elementary text-book

2012-08-24 16:20:16

The bodily heat falls very rapidly.
"It's my lungs I'm worried about," Mary said.
Gabriel, why did you ever set your heart on me?
You had charge of the funeral arrangements.

There was no tribute but their tears.
You had charge of the funeral arrangements.
[Sidenote: Result of the contest.]
He did not want to let Renovales go.

But the contest irritated the king.
That husky young boy was her son.
"Did they tell you, Mariano?
She must stay at home and work for others."

filipino vinyl

2012-08-24 16:16:00

Although the cargo was taken out,
it was after it had been in the water. more than one half months.

Updated editions will replace the previous one-
the old editions will be renamed.

The soliders were ordered not to allow him
either bed, food, or drink.

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