1) Do you swap brand stories by the chemical fires in the glacial waste of Old New England?

2) Has Kanye's uploaded consciousness upstaged his physical form yet?

3) Did you sneakernet listicles across the Atlantic on a corpse raft after the flood of 2029?

4) Android, iPhone, or a radioactive brick?

5) Which fragmented internet city state has the best memes?

6) Have you found hidden meaning in the miles of scrawled twitter handles and tumblr names covering every gas station bathroom from the Houston desert to the Boise toxic plains?

7) Have you taught Taylor Swift to the mockingjays?

8) Does it hurt to get the implant? Can I see it? Can I touch it?

9) How far down through the crust of impacted garbage and downed skyscrapers does your mesh network penetrate?

10) Did that underground warehouse of surplus google glass make for good DIY sunglasses when combined with the shards of gorilla glass that rained down after the Cupertino Bombing of 2051?

11) You see a tortoise struggling to right itself. What do you do?