I'm eating lunch with A___, A______, _, and S____. We're sharing cut vegetables and veggie burgers off of a paper plate. Our table is situated in a tall tree next to a walkway on some kind of academic campus. One of the veggie burgers falls to the ground and I am saddened.

Someone comes down the walkway and tells me that an old friend, K____, may be dead because he has run out of clones. He was always into heavy drug use and apparently making several clones with shared consciousness and doing reckless things was his most recent hobby. Unfortunately, it seems that he forgot to make a backup clone.

I resolve, with A_______, to go to his "mastermind," a computer that, in theory, handles the manufacturing of his clones and stores a rough, stripped down version of his psyche. We walk through a strange building full of college-age people taking classes in saunas. We emerge into an unfathomably large area completely stuffed with spaghetti-wrapped escalators. Suited business people go every which way.

Finally we reach a dorm tower that overlooks a soccer field. At the highest floor there is a long, dim hallway. At the end, an African student tells us, is K____'s mastermind. We walk into the increasing darkness.

I notice that A___ and M__ are here. A___ has to go get a frightening medical procedure to remove a terrible parasitic worm infection; the worms are choking all of his organs, including his brain. M__ is afraid and doesn't want him to go, but understands he'll soon come under the control of the worms. I feel bad for eavesdropping and sneak away (though A___ notices me and kind of shrugs).

We reach the mastermind. It's a computer terminal in a dark room, as far as we can tell. I speak with it and find out that it sort of has K____'s mind in there, but several others as well. It's trying to produce clones but it has produced so many that the clone genetics are mutating and the clones come out half-formed or otherwise useless and flailing. It would seem that K____ is as good as dead.

Instead of watching more pathetic half-alive clones crawl out of the darkness we go to a window and pull back the shade. We can see the soccer field, where a game is going on. The home team is losing 1-0.

The home team is all student-run and is coached by a trio of scared looking underclassmen. I see them call a timeout and conspire with one another. One of them convinces an old man to come chat with them. For some reason I recognize him as a great and famous but retired pro-soccer coach. He sits down with one of the students but is sucked up a chute; to my surprise he pops out of the ceiling by K____'s mastermind and is dragged into the darkness by mechanical hands.

K____'s mastermind booms out, "I am a soccer god. I will lead our team to victory!" The wall with the computer terminal splits open and a robotic queen ant the size of two semi-trucks bursts forth. Her gaster is glowing brilliantly and from it I can hear the moans of many other minds absorbed into her.

The giant ant queen breaks through the wall and spreads huge purple satin wings. Before she can reach the soccer game and claim victory, though, huge police dragons fly in and attack her. We watch her flee to a nearby super-highway leaving a path of destroyed cars and angry police dragons. I wake up.