movie roundup 2

2014-05-31 14:48:24

Only Lovers Left Alive

Do see this movie. Again and again. It's perfect. I loved every single dim, morbid second of it.

The Black Cauldron

This movie could have been so amazing. It definitely has some amazing visual sequences but the characters are largely irritating and the story very shallow.

Grand Budapest Hotel

I didn't like this too much the first time through. I found the violence off-putting and got kind of tired of M. Gustav. The second time, however, I loved it (especially M. Gustav). It helped to know when the violent parts were coming.

Chronicles of Narnia part 1

I found this movie unwatchable. I turned it off halfway through. I expected to have the most trouble with the source material's intense Christian allegories but the movie itself was just hollow. The CG animals were cute and Tilda Swinton was, of course, great. But it's nowhere near enough to save the rest of the movie.

Lilo & Stitch

I enjoyed this movie, thus proving that I don't hate fun. The plot makes little sense but that's okay. Also Stitch was cuter when he was evil (or more accurately, Chaotic Neutral).

Hunger Games parts 1 & 2

I expected to hate these. Instead, I adored them and immediately read all the books.

movie roundup

2012-10-22 14:14:24

adjustment bureau

fuck this movie a lot. like most adaptations of philip dick, it manages to completely ruin a solid premise. there is nothing redeeming about this movie and it weighs in at a crushing 120 minutes. avoid forever.

pan's labyrinth

embarrassed to have only just now seen it. excellent. i wish though that there had been budget for more fantasy sequences as they (especially the Pale Man) were simply perfect. I believe the early face-bludgeoning scene with a beer bottle is what triggered the blue-cudgel-imminent-death dream scene i had recently.


enjoyed this far more than i expected. i wish hollywood would have allowed it to be a drama instead of an action film as i think ron perlman is an excellent actor. i enjoyed all the non-fighty scenes tremendously. does a great job of maintaining the lovecraft feel.

bad education

my first Almodovar. i enjoyed it and appreciated the metafiction. i wanted to see more of Enrique's character; i think that is my only real complaint. he has too much screen time to just be a foil but not enough to make him a full/deep character.

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