install a mod for plants and feels

2015-08-23 01:49:49

downtown i walk and stare
up at buildings solid like in
video games:
inert pixels
covered in dead windows glowing
with looped lights.

if i can get inside i'm
somewhere else,
a level outside this space and time
surrounded by NPCs who stare through me
and repeat the same sad days
whether i'm there or not.

every inside is a place
separate from its exterior.

roll in with a katamari
get so big you tear the walls
into yourself
and see the void surround.

somewhere else, walls still stand
like shitty western sets made volumetric.


2015-04-27 21:22:21

ride fast and sweat past
birch ignoring the trees' coy pleading.
find oaks bottom and glide past
goths hugging ipads playing
youtube snuff on stolen wifi.

grimace knowingly at the poet
sipping fanta. soar through sun beam bars
and suck flies through baleen teeth. choke
in a glade.

it doesn't take much to make a deathbed
blooming rotted joy even when sandwiched
between speeding subarus and warehouses full
of country echoes.

rub your skin covered in dead things like
a road trip wind shield. wetly crush
mosquitoes while crouched
at the edge of traffic.

make an oozing camouflage on your flesh
and sing sweet psalms
to the cadaverous twilight.

touch my back

2014-08-22 14:07:32

touch my back.
write your name
in looping cursive

with your finger tips
with a blue ball point
with a splintered stick

carve it with a paring knife
trace it with a velvet glove
clean it with ten grit

burn it in with a soldering iron.

burrow into the small of my back
and curl around my spine,
to hug it when it tenses.

i am playing counterstrike with you

2014-08-20 09:46:54

i am shooting you over
and over because it is an intimacy
obtained by my perspective
and yours.

i am looking at your ak
and you see my mac 10
and i know that you are
a seeing thing, looking at me
over miles of trash talk and
internet juvenilia.

here there is no yolo
and only holding my fire
makes me feel
left out.

radio signals still penetrated the dead husk

2013-09-23 12:32:00

under the spell of the vienna coven
and a focused thought from somewhere
i was waiting for a phone call.

at that moment
the opulence of the closed mall shops
held my ability to dream.

i found my treasure
before the machine could chime:
his memories,
messed up with snow crash,

blind and seeing.

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