2015-04-27 21:22:21

ride fast and sweat past
birch ignoring the trees' coy pleading.
find oaks bottom and glide past
goths hugging ipads playing
youtube snuff on stolen wifi.

grimace knowingly at the poet
sipping fanta. soar through sun beam bars
and suck flies through baleen teeth. choke
in a glade.

it doesn't take much to make a deathbed
blooming rotted joy even when sandwiched
between speeding subarus and warehouses full
of country echoes.

rub your skin covered in dead things like
a road trip wind shield. wetly crush
mosquitoes while crouched
at the edge of traffic.

make an oozing camouflage on your flesh
and sing sweet psalms
to the cadaverous twilight.

dream: strange portland

2013-03-15 11:15:12

A_______ and i moved to portland. we signed up to help in a production of a gothic style black and white vampire movie being filmed by an eccentric and underemployed high school art teacher. the high school slowly morphed into a castle as we filmed. giggling high school girls did not take the project seriously but then they turned into gargoyles.

we left down a rail-less crumbling stone staircase and walked to a warehouse (like the bread factory in ne portland) that was abandoned. its roof had collapsed in but a small office on the side was somewhat intact. we took a series of esoteric liquors out of smelly molded cabinets, sorted them, inventoried them, and put them back.

we walked out of the warehouse to a rolling green field. snow started to fall. everyone panicked. the snow piled up faster and faster and when it stopped i dug A___ out of a drift and saved her from the edge of hypothermia. for some reason she was clutching a frozen Nook.

finally, the snow melted and strange alarms started sounding. i got online and determined that the alarms signaled a catastrophic digital event but it was only going off in America. i checked in with several shadow security organizations and they confirmed that there was no alert in any other country.

it turned out that a giant antivirus corporation had unleashed a brutal virus upon the USA as part of a cute marketing campaign. people were pretty upset.

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