adjustment bureau

fuck this movie a lot. like most adaptations of philip dick, it manages to completely ruin a solid premise. there is nothing redeeming about this movie and it weighs in at a crushing 120 minutes. avoid forever.

pan's labyrinth

embarrassed to have only just now seen it. excellent. i wish though that there had been budget for more fantasy sequences as they (especially the Pale Man) were simply perfect. I believe the early face-bludgeoning scene with a beer bottle is what triggered the blue-cudgel-imminent-death dream scene i had recently.


enjoyed this far more than i expected. i wish hollywood would have allowed it to be a drama instead of an action film as i think ron perlman is an excellent actor. i enjoyed all the non-fighty scenes tremendously. does a great job of maintaining the lovecraft feel.

bad education

my first Almodovar. i enjoyed it and appreciated the metafiction. i wanted to see more of Enrique's character; i think that is my only real complaint. he has too much screen time to just be a foil but not enough to make him a full/deep character.