install a mod for plants and feels

2015-08-23 01:49:49

downtown i walk and stare
up at buildings solid like in
video games:
inert pixels
covered in dead windows glowing
with looped lights.

if i can get inside i'm
somewhere else,
a level outside this space and time
surrounded by NPCs who stare through me
and repeat the same sad days
whether i'm there or not.

every inside is a place
separate from its exterior.

roll in with a katamari
get so big you tear the walls
into yourself
and see the void surround.

somewhere else, walls still stand
like shitty western sets made volumetric.

touch my back

2014-08-22 14:07:32

touch my back.
write your name
in looping cursive

with your finger tips
with a blue ball point
with a splintered stick

carve it with a paring knife
trace it with a velvet glove
clean it with ten grit

burn it in with a soldering iron.

burrow into the small of my back
and curl around my spine,
to hug it when it tenses.

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